Marije van Rijn


Trainer & coach

In workshops, lectures and training sessions I provide organisations, (music) educators and art students with creative tools and approaches for their practice. I use ‘Creative/Collaborative Music Making’ (CMM) as a way of working in different settings. 

CMM is a practice, a way of creating music from scratch with any given group in any given situation. It lets groups play, improvise and compose together. It is a great tool for creating meaningful art in such a way that each individual can see their voice or ideas reflected in the final piece. Whether their input is small or big, whether they’re a high-level trained musician or someone who’s never laid their hands on an instrument before. The artistic initiative, creativity and authenticity comes first. Musical skill is learned by doing. Because of this, CMM reinforces inclusivity and feelings of shared ownership. Throughout the process, the highest possible artistic quality is strived for.

With this practice, creating music together reaches beyond its artistic value. It can be a tool for community building, empowerment, musical and personal growth, reinforcing creative thinking and creating new connections with people and art.

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