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This Is Us is about the enigma of relationships, celebrating both rawness and beauty, the song is about how we stand opposite each other and yet feel deeply connected. Together with composer and producer Nicholas Thayer, Marije recorded it during lockdown in her living-room. They decided to use any source of sound they could find there that had some soul and vibrancy to it, giving the song its lo-fi, intimate character and aliveness.


NEW ep 'petrichord' 2023


With her intimate and versatile sound, musical layering, and genuine storytelling Marije van Rijn speaks to head and heart. The stories we tell about ourselves aren’t black and white, they are multi-colored.


Marije first came to the public’s attention as singer and songwriter of Scarlet Mae, with whom she released two successful albums. Garnering rave reviews in the press and Dutch radio (3FM, radio 1, Sublime FM) she toured for several years in the Netherlands and abroad, performing at ESNS, The Great Escape (UK), Paradiso and Appelpop.


She collaborated with artists such as producer Paul Willemsen (The Gospel Sessions) and singer and pianist Ruben Hein whom she recorded a duet with.

Embarking on her solo career, Marije started a new collaboration with renowned composer and producer Nicholas Thayer (i.a. The Bloody Beetroots). Stay tuned for her new EP ‘Petrichord’, coming out soon. Drawing inspiration from artists such as M. Ward, Bjork, and Laura Marling, each song calls to mind its own sonic world, reflecting on the enigma of relationships, of loss, and of friendship.



“Joyful, inventive and extremely musical” – OOR magazine

“Such enchantment, joy of life, positivity and musicality. Van Rijn has one of those voices you can’t help instantly falling in love with” – Veronica magazine ****

“Van Rijn knows how to surprise you with playful melodies, ornamented with enthusiastic instrumentalists as well as heavier subjects cleverly wrapped up in sharp-minded lyrics and intimate piano-playing.” – Festivalinfo ****

“After listening for dozens of times, still not done with it […] promising Dutch talent” – Heaven Magazine

“Absolutely convincing with her bright and soothing voice and fine piano playing” – Popunie

“Timeless singer-songwriter music” – Krenten uit de pop

“‘Promising’ may be written in capital letters” – Jazz on Stage

“Talented, beautifully sung, exquisite piano melodies, powerful baselines and vital rhythms.” – MusicFromNL


This Is Us

Staring at Rhinos live @ Paradiso

The Radiator’s Broke live @ Radio 6

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This is us - single

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